[webkit-dev] Transparency on GTK/DirectFB

Weber, Bernd BWEBE at dolby.com
Thu Sep 25 14:37:55 PDT 2008

Thanks Christian, great pointers!

I got it working! Very cool!


For reference, here the changes I did in GtkLauncher:

static void
make_transparent(WebKitWebView* l_web_view)
    GValue val = {0,};
    g_value_init (&val, G_TYPE_BOOLEAN);
    g_value_set_boolean (&val, 1);
    g_object_set_property (G_OBJECT (l_web_view), "transparent", &val);

static void
make_transparent_cb (GtkWidget* widget, gpointer data)
    make_transparent (web_view);

static void
set_colormap(GtkWidget* window)
    GdkScreen* screen = gtk_widget_get_screen (window);
    GdkColormap* colormap = gdk_screen_get_rgba_colormap (screen);
    if (!colormap) {
    	g_warning ("No ARGB colormap available! Using RGB colormap!\n");
	colormap = gdk_screen_get_rgb_colormap (screen);
    } else {
    	g_print ("Using ARGB colormap now! :-)\n");
    gtk_widget_set_colormap (window, colormap);

In main.c:
 main_window = create_window ();

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schrieb Darin Adler <darin at apple.com>:

> On Sep 24, 2008, at 3:10 PM, Weber, Bernd wrote:
> > The holy grail however would be to achieve transparency to the  
> > underlying desktop, by defining "transparent" as the background
> > color.
> WebKit definitely supports this. It's used this way in the Mac OS X  
> Dashboard.
> > I'm not sure whether Webkit, especially with GTK/DirectFB,
> > supports this right now.
> I don't know if the GTK/DirectFB port supports it. That's a question  
> for someone else.

Take a look at the headers. There's no other documentation at this
point but it should be intuitive enough for most of what we have.


You will want that. And make sure you have an ARGB colour map on your
window, ie. when you create your toplevel window.

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