[webkit-dev] rookie questions

Albert Law alaw at snowbound.com
Wed Sep 24 08:12:59 PDT 2008

Hi All,

I'm checking out Webkit, and I'm having problems.  So I've got a bunch of
questions.  Apologizes if these are doubled up in the archive as I'm finding
manually searching the archives very difficult.

Note: I'm using cygwin + MS VS 2005 + WinXP Pro.

1) What should $(PRODUCTION) be set to?

2) Under "http://webkit.org/building/tools.html" -> "Installing the
Developer Tools" -> " Windows" -> "2." -> "Windows Server 2003 R2 Platform
SDK", there's mention of "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Platform SDK for
Windows Server 2003 R2\Include\mfc".  What should I do with this path?  The
website link given is dead so I can't fathom what "step 3 of the Platform
SDK installation instructions" could be.

3) I got the code but McAfee On-Access Scan sees
"LayoutTests\fast\encoding\*\decoder-allow-null-chars.*" as containing
"Exploit-ScriptNull (Trojan)".  Anyone else?

4) I think I need "cygwin\usr\include" in the include header paths.  But how
do I add it to the MS VS 2005 solution file?  I tried a few places, but that
resulted in many build errors.

Thanks, all.

Albert Law
Snowbound Software Corp.
Software Engineer
telephone: 1.617.607.2010 x 2141
toll-free: 1.866.630.9495 x 2141

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