[webkit-dev] stringByEvaluatingJavaScriptFromString: OSX & Windows

Jason Hullinger sshjason at gmail.com
Sun Sep 21 20:57:00 PDT 2008

In OS X, with the WebKit Framework, I have the following function from
WebView doing what I need: -
*script *However, I actually need to use that in a Windows program. That
function is not exported by the WebKit DLL, so there is no direct way to
GetProcAddress for the method name. Would anyone know what the best approach
would be to compile WebKit in order to generate the libs to build my own
program that could call that function? In other words, would compiling under
Qt, Cygwin or VC++ be better for this, or would any way allow me to do what
I need? I ask because I'm having a very difficult time compiling for Windows
and would like to concentrate on the best approach.

Thanks much,

~/Jason Hullinger
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