[webkit-dev] Some Critical QtWebKit Doubts

cpanigrahi at mail.vavni.com cpanigrahi at mail.vavni.com
Thu Sep 18 18:57:58 PDT 2008


I am going through the source code of "QtWebKit". Can anybody help me to
get the answers for my below doubts:

Let us assume that I want to open a static simple HTML page i.e.,
"index.html", which is located in my system locally. So, I requested as


1) Which class is locating and taking "index.html" page from my Desktop?

2) Which class is sending my unparsed "index.html" page to "WebCore"
module for parsing?

3) Which class is receiving unparsed "index.html" in "WebCore" module to
do parsing?

4) After completion of the parsing by "WebCore" module, where and how can
I find the generated parsed data format? Which object is holding the
generated parsed data?

5) Where and How "Qt" is receiving the parsed data from "WebCore" module?

Thanks in advance.


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