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Frank.Lautenbach at softechnics.com Frank.Lautenbach at softechnics.com
Tue Sep 16 10:20:28 PDT 2008

Hi everyone,


I've submitted the following to Trolltech on their web site, but I
thought I'd also submit it here since I need some feedback fairly soon.

"I have a question regarding licensing Qt for Windows CE. We are
investigating writing an application that will run on handheld PDA
devices. Specifically, we develop and maintain a suite of applications
used by the retail industry that utilize handheld devices from companies
like Motorola (formerly Symbol,) PSC, Intermec. In other words, these
are wireless devices running Windows CE that support scanners, magstripe
readers and other peripherals. How does licensing work when an
application is developed with your toolkit? Is there a per handheld
license or something else. I'm new to the world of open source but I
noted on your website that you differentiate between applications
developed for commercial use (which is what we are doing) and others.
We're interested in your product because of the embedded WebKit support
as we are looking at developing a semi-thin client application on the
handheld that is not quite a browser, but not quite a thick client.
License fees are an issue with us since our customers will most lilely
purchase hundreds of handhelds potentially."


Also, has anyone actually developed any applications for Windows CE
using Qt for Windows CE? If so, what has your experience been? I'm
currently trying to build the source from the following site:




I have not been able to successfully build the project.


Thanks for any information anyone can provide.


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