[webkit-dev] WebKit and Windows/Cygwin

Frank.Lautenbach at softechnics.com Frank.Lautenbach at softechnics.com
Mon Sep 8 12:50:13 PDT 2008

Hi Everyone,


I'm new to WebKit, having been given the project of investigating it's
use in an upcoming project. I'm having problems getting the source and
building it. I'm attempting to build on a Windows platform. I have all
the tools specified on webkit.org. I was finally able to checkout all
the source, but the site says an update should be done. When I perform
the update-webkit command, it fails. There's a long error message like
"Can't locate HTTP/Date.pm in &INC (&INC contains: ......) And then I
get "Died at WebKit/WebKitTools/Scripts/update-webkit line 71.

Note, the reason I did the update was because I tried to do the
build-webkit after I got the source but it fails. Basically, qmake is
not found in the /usr/bin cygnwin path, but in /usr/lib/qt3/bin. After
fixing the path, qmake still dies because it gets passed a "-r" option
which it complains as being an invalid option. I then thought maybe the
update would help.


Does anyone have any thoughts? 





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