[webkit-dev] Platform network did.* semantics for status 404 with HTML body

David Kilzer ddkilzer at webkit.org
Thu Sep 4 15:53:20 PDT 2008

A similar bug related to stylesheets was filed as Bug 7381 and again as Bug 15242.


It was fixed as part of Bug 16760 in r30438.


Scripts may go through a different code path, though.  Does this reproduce on Safari for Mac OS X or Windows?

Regardless, I would suggest filing a bug report on <https://bugs.webkit.org/> and providing a test case to reproduce the issue.


On Thu, 9/4/08, Josh Chia (谢任中) <joshchia at gmail.com> wrote:

> I have an network platform implementation (ResourceHandle)
> that I'm not sure
> is doing the right thing.
> In particular, a.html has a <script> tag that
> references
> http://missing/missing.js.
> missing.js is non-existent and the response status is 404,
> but the response
> has a HTML body.
> When opening a.html, WebKit actually tries to parse the
> resource for
> missing.js, which is HTML, not Javascript.
> This behavior is probably wrong, but I don't know which
> component is broken,
> i.e. whether my network code is communicating the wrong
> thing to the
> ResourceHandleClient, or someone further up is failing to
> catch the bad
> response status and prevent parsing.
> So, if I get a response with 404 (or other error codes)
> plus a body, what
> does my network code need to do?  Which of the did.*
> functions should I
> call?
> Or, is the problem further up, with ResourceLoader or
> something even higher?
> Josh

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