David Kilzer ddkilzer at webkit.org
Thu Sep 4 08:09:35 PDT 2008

WTF_USE_LOW_BANDWIDTH_DISPLAY should be defined in JavaScriptCore/wtf/Platform.h for your platform.

I don't think any of the "main" ports in the WebKit repository use this feature, which is why it probably doesn't work when enabled.

Please file a bug on <https://bugs.webkit.org/> (and a patch to fix the issue if you know how).


On Thu, 9/4/08, Mikael Tennhammar <Mikael.Tennhammar at teleca.com> wrote:

> Hi !
> It is not possible to disable or enable the
> WTF_USE_LOW_BANDWIDTH_DISPLAY option via the ./configure
> options, is
> this the way it should be, to not have an enormous amount
> of options?
> And if so where would be the  preferred place to activate
> it ?
> /Mikael 

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