[webkit-dev] Compilation errors with ARM RVCT Compiler

Shadakshari Hiremath shaddoo at gmail.com
Thu Sep 4 00:39:50 PDT 2008

Hi Webkit Forum,

I am getting compilation errors while compiling webcore and javascriptcore
with ARM RVCT compiler version 2.2 build 559. This is my maiden attempt to
build webkit with RVCT compiler.
Three errors are appearing while compiling many source files. I have
provided Attr.cpp as an example compilation.
When compiling k:\webkit/webcore/dom/Attr.cpp following 3 errors are
1) "E:\WebKit\CygWin\home\output\include/JavaScriptCore/PassRefPtr.h", line
44: Error:  #393: pointer ptr to incomplete class type is not allowed
ALWAYS_INLINE ~PassRefPtr() { if (T* ptr = m_ptr) ptr->deref(); }

2) "E:\WebKit\CygWin\home\output\include/JavaScriptCore/ListHashSet.h", line
445: Error:  #254: typename is not allowed
          typename ImplType::iterator it = m_impl.template find<ValueType,
3) "E:\WebKit\CygWin\home\output\include/JavaScriptCore/RefPtr.h", line 58:
Error:  #20: identifier "adoptRef" is undefined
          PassRefPtr<T> release() { PassRefPtr<T> tmp = adoptRef(m_ptr);
m_ptr = 0; return tmp; }

Please help to resolve this problem.

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