[webkit-dev] Robotized QtLauncher

David Kilzer ddkilzer at webkit.org
Mon Sep 1 16:51:32 PDT 2008

Hi Kelemen,

To have your code reviewed, please create a bug on <https://bugs.webkit.org/> and post your code in the form of a patch with its "review" flag set to "?".  Please see this web page for more information about contributing code:


Regarding the assertion, it does look like it warrants further investigation, especially if you can reproduce it with a debug build of QtLauncher by loading the same URLs manually.


On Mon, 9/1/08, Kelemen Balázs <Kelemen.Balazs.3 at stud.u-szeged.hu> wrote:

> Hi Webkit developers!
> I made modifications in QtLauncher for possibility of
> taking large
> tests and searching memory leaks or other errors with tools
> like valgrind.
> In my version when the first parameter is an existing file
> with the
> suffix "urllist" (for example: urls.urllist)
> QtLauncher loads the urls
> that it contains. The file must be a simple text file with
> one url in each
> line and the suffix must be "urllist".
> When the parameter is not a file it works like before.
> I found many problems in webkit with this tool. Usually
> these
> problems appears with an assertion hit. Te most recently
> is:
> ASSERTION FAILED: m_frame->document()->parsing()
> (../../../WebCore/loader/FrameLoader.cpp:1865 void  
> WebCore::FrameLoader::addData(const char*, int))
> I think this can be useful and I want to continue work on
> this, so I  
> ask you about your opinion. Is it possible to merge this
> code into the  
> trunk
> (for except into a separate directory like
> WebKit/qt/QtLauncher_test)?
> Anyway it could be useful for me if somebody would check it
> and affirm  
> that my code is correct and the problems are in Webkit
> itself (I  
> really believe in it
> but there are some errors that I can not reproducate
> manually.)
> My changes are just a few lines in
> WebKit/qt/QtLauncher/main.cpp (and
> one in QtLauncher.pro). I attach my changes and a backtrace
> of the error
> I show above.
> Thanks!
> Kelemen Balázs

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