[webkit-dev] Save Page - Ideas

zaheer ahmad zaheer.mot at gmail.com
Thu Oct 30 09:00:39 PDT 2008


iam working on implementing save page functionality. Looks like its not
already supported in the core. Following are some high level ideas and iam
not sure if some or all of these are the right approaches to this problem

- write the page data to the file system as and when is received - but this
is not optimal since this incurs constant overhead on page load
- apis to retreive the source (html, js, css) and image/object data
(original form) from the document. I think the parsers/loaders incrementally
handle the data and throw off the parsed text - pls validate my
understanding here.
- parse and convert all the html absolute/relative URIs to relative URIs on
the file system
- any other optimized storage methods - e.g. storing the entire page as a
single file using multipart content

please advise.

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