[webkit-dev] How to access resource meta-data

Andrew S. Townley ast at atownley.org
Wed Oct 29 01:51:45 PDT 2008


I've been having a look through Apple's documentation and the WebKit
source tree, but I'm having trouble finding where you would be able to
access resource meta-data information, say given a WebKitWebView.

I'm sure there isn't support for this yet in the GTK+ port, but even
knowing when/how to do this normally would be useful.  What I really
want is to be able to access all of the response headers, and have
convenient access to any document meta-data.  Mozilla's page info dialog
(with LiveHeaders installed) provides the kind of information I'd need,
but I'm not sure if this is what the WebInspector is supposed to do.
The existing API looks pretty focused on JavaScript.

Sorry if this is an obvious question.

Thanks in advance,

Andrew S. Townley <ast at atownley.org>

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