[webkit-dev] Focus moving in webkit

xfdbse xfdbse at 163.com
Tue Oct 28 05:34:03 PDT 2008

hi, all

I'm trying to work with gth GTK+WebKit to to rendering for my
application.But, i'm having some prolems.

Unlike the majority of users, I dont't need WebKit to move focus with
TAB key.
I need to be able to use Up, Down, Left and Rigth key to move.
Now i can simulation Left or Right key to a (shift+)TAB key, and the
foucs also can be moved, but that not my want.

as you know , when use TAB key to move focus , the foucs chain looks
like a "double Linked List" .
I need the focus can be moved to the any of four directions via Up or
Down or Left or Right key
[although i know the Up or Down key used to scroll default].

Is it can be implemented ? if can , does anyone have any pointers for
implement ?

Thanks in advance,

PS: my embedded device's "keyboard" dons't have TAB key, let along MOUSE.

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