[webkit-dev] Question about Widget* FrameLoaderClient::createJavaAppletWidget

Andrew S. Townley ast at atownley.org
Tue Oct 21 03:18:34 PDT 2008


In looking at the patch for bug referenced by Gustavo
(https://bugs.webkit.org/attachment.cgi?id=23967&action=prettypatch), I
also noticed this method.

What happens for other embedded object types?  Is it also worth
considering a callback signal to allow embedded applications to embed
arbitrary application controls?  Does WebKit already have a mechanism
for doing this?

I see an ObjectContentOtherPlugin type, but I think based on the way the
browser needs to sandbox plugins, that it wouldn't necessarily work to
do what I wanted.

It seems like you could define a signal that was only emitted if an
unknown object type was requested (based on appropriate security policy
configurations).  This would probably be the best compromise.

Without it, I don't see how you can easily mix complex native widgets
with XHTML content.  I think there's some great advantages to using
XHTML+CSS for layout, and that's the kind of thing I think of with some
of the talk about using using WebKit for hybrid applications.

I couldn't really find this covered anywhere else.

Thanks in advance,

Andrew S. Townley <ast at atownley.org>

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