[webkit-dev] install Webkit in Fedora

houda hocine houda.qt4 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 8 06:16:39 PDT 2008

thank you for the answer

I do :
"yum search glib-dev
Modules complémentaires chargés : refresh-packagekit
============================== Matched: glib-dev
NetworkManager-glib-devel.i386 : Fichiers d'en-tête pour l'ajout du support
                               : NetworkManager aux applications utilisant
glib-devel.i386 : Libraries and header files for glib development
avahi-glib-devel.i386 : Bibliothèques et fichiers d'en-tête pour le
                      : développement de avahi glib
dbus-glib-devel.i386 : Bibliothèques et fichiers d'en-tête pour les liaisons
                     : D-Bus GLib
json-glib-devel.i386 : Development files for json-glib
ndesk-dbus-glib-devel.i386 : Development files for ndesk-dbus-glib
poppler-glib-devel.i386 : Development files for glib wrapper
sofia-sip-glib-devel.i386 : Glib bindings for Sofia SIP development files
taglib-devel.i386 : Development file for taglib
telepathy-glib-devel.i386 : Development files for telepathy-glib
xesam-glib-devel.i386 : Headers for developing programs that will use
then i install
yum install glib-devil
but I have always the same error
"configure: error: You need the GLib dev tools in your path"

thank you ,
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