[webkit-dev] Build failure on Windows

AnsumanTapan Satpathy ansumantapan at gmail.com
Tue Oct 7 16:38:44 PDT 2008


I am trying to build webkit on windows platform. Followed the steps of
installing VC express, the SP1 and the SDK (as described in

Installed the cygwin from webkit.org.

I have downloaded the new code about two three days ago, ran update-webkit
couple times. (Once just after downloading, and later every time i ran into
compilation issue.)

However the build is always failing.

It fails for WebCore and hence WebKit too.

Here is the problem I found..

1. For failure in release mode (just `build-webkit').
File WebCore.vcproj does not include $(ProjectDir)..\inspector in the
include path for Release configuration.

So compilation fails for all the WebCore files that include the Inspector*

2. For failure in debug mode.

Though, Debug configuration includes this in the includepath, it does export
the "inspector\*" files, which later cause error for WebKit project,

..\WebNodeHighlight.cpp(36) : fatal error C1083: Cannot open include
file: 'WebCore/InspectorController.h': No such file or directory

Is there some steps I am missing or is it broken which is hard for me to

Please help.

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