[webkit-dev] Proposed Timer API

Dmitry Titov dimich at chromium.org
Thu Oct 2 01:53:35 PDT 2008

Since our systems are not real-time, saying 'hi-res timer' and 'event
dispatching' together may need some clarification.
Lets say we set delay=0.001 - but not every system can guarantee that the
timer event will fire at precise 1 ms interval. So it can "skip a bit" or
fire at longer delay, then continue at 1 and so on. Some systems may skip
more then a bit :-) That's why popular way to implement animations is to
request high frequency callback and query hi-res timer from the handler for
actual advance calculation...
The spec could explicitly point that out ('delay' -> 'delayAtLeast' ?), and
perhaps recommend to use Date() in the event handler to see what is the
actual time of firing, or have an 'eventTime' property on an Event object.

On a separate note, it almost feels that just adding
invokeAsSoonAsPossible(handler) that is equivalent to unclamped
setTimeout(..., 0) could be all that's needed.


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> >> If you're going to propose a new API designed for hi-res timers, it
> >> ought to use units of microseconds instead of milliseconds.
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> > Or units of seconds, perhaps? Since JavaScript numbers are already
> > floating point.
> That's what I would propose. Then browsers can offer greater precision
> in the future without having to redesign the API.
> ---
> Updating now. Units of seconds. Precisision is browser defined, but will be
> higher precision (or same precision) as setInterval/setTimeout.
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