[webkit-dev] setTimeout as browser speed throttle

Peter Kasting pkasting at chromium.org
Wed Oct 1 15:22:01 PDT 2008

[once again, I sent this with the wrong origin email.]

On Wed, Oct 1, 2008 at 10:02 AM, Linus Upson <linus at google.com> wrote:

> We can use the histogram facility in chrome to collect data from a dev
> channel release. It should only take a few weeks to get good data.
> What exactly do we want to measure to settle on a value?

Here's Hixie's suggestions:

* Number of times setTimeout() or setInterval() are called with values less
than 10, bucketed per value
* Number of times a timeout callback runs long enough that by the time it
completes another timer has already fired
* Number of times the callback of a setTimeout(n) chains to a setTimeout(m),
where n, m < 10

And my own addition to that last one would be, the amount of time it takes
the callback to execute once.

I suppose we could also count the total number of setTimeout() calls we see
in order to display these values as "fractions of all setTimeout calls"?

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