[webkit-dev] Problem with transparency and webpages without bgcolor definition -> Bug?

Weber, Bernd BWEBE at dolby.com
Thu Nov 20 19:43:26 PST 2008



I run a GTK webkit here with transparency activated. Now we found when
we load an HTML page that has no bgcolor information, neither as
attribute in the body tag, nor as stylesheet property, then the page
background is set to transparent and not to the default background color
defined in WebCore/page/FrameView.cpp (->m_baseBackgroundColor). This
seems to be because the check in WebCore/rendering/RenderBox.cpp line
835 is wrong. In case of an invalid background color, like in our case,
it shouldn't matter whether transparency is active or not the background
should then always be set to the baseBackgroundColor. I think the
parenthesis' are just set incorrectly here.


Should be ->   if (isRoot() && (!bgColor.isValid() || (bgColor.alpha() <
0xFF && !isTransparent))) {




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