[webkit-dev] Unforking Chromium: The Upstreaminess Dashboard

Dimitri Glazkov dglazkov at chromium.org
Wed Nov 19 19:29:27 PST 2008

As you may know, we at the Chromium project have been working toward
being on the ToT WebKit, so that we could become productive members of
the WebKit community. You can see the progress of our effort here:


The page lists all WebKit files to which we made changes, each file
having two meters.

The first meter shows the difference (lines added=green, removed=red,
unchanged=gray) between revision of a WebKit file in the Chromium tree
and that of the last WebKit merge revision. That is, you can see the
changes remaining after the merge for each file.

The second meter shows the difference between Chromium's WebKit file
and its cousin at the ToT
WebKit. In other words, you can see how our changes relate to those
made in the WebKit trunk.

You can also click on each meter to see a side-by-side diff for each file.

The fewer reds and greens we see in "vs. WebKit at HEAD" column, the
closer we are to the unforking.

Hope this helps! I will try to update this page every day or so.


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