[webkit-dev] Need some information----by HCL technologies,INDIA

Laxmi Kumar Sahu laxmikumar.s at hcl.in
Tue Nov 18 23:11:55 PST 2008



As one of our client want to embed the webkit browser, so before that we
need these information on webkit engine to analysis as follows,



1.       Is it work in VxWorks   environment ?

2.       Which version of HTTP it support ?

3.       Is cache memory use in this engine or not ?

4.       What about the visiting history, transaction history and  From
input history; these are using in it or not ?

5.       Is visual bookmark work or not ?

6.       Any password authentication process is there or not ?

7.       Are Scroll bar, zooming, user agent functionalities available
in webkit or not ?

8.       What about the RSS reader and Ajax, are it works ?

9.       Are the JavaVM, WebDAV service connection and character change
functionalities work or not ?

10.   Which version of FLASH, PDF viewer, XPS viewer,
siverlight/moonlight, and ActiveX  are working, if yes. Otherwise inform
"NO" ..

11.   Is USB key board works in it or not ?

12.   Are the SSL 2.0, SSL 3.0 and TLS 1.0 work in webkit for security
purpose ?



Please, inform the above quarries as soon as possible. 


Then can  our team will proceed to analysis better and embed your web
engine with our client's engine.



Laxmi Kumar S.


HCL Technologies,



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