[webkit-dev] Webkit compatibility in India - Transcoding Indic fonts

Brett Wilson brettw at chromium.org
Wed Nov 12 13:27:59 PST 2008

We chatted a little bit more on IRC about this.

The best first approach will probably be a patch, since it will be
easier to discuss the details on a bug than on this discussion list
(as you found, there sometimes isn't a lot of response). I'm told that
Dan is the expert in this area.

Some points:

You will probably want the feature protected by an #if
USE(INDIC_TRANSCODING) or some similar name so mobile browsers, etc.
don't have to ship this feature.

As the first pass, it should do something minimal (maybe only one font
on one site) and have a layout test that tests the behavior you're
writing. Don't expect to be able to do any new behavior without a
layout test, and getting a Mac for this is easiest so you can run the
tests and make patches just like Apple does.


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