[webkit-dev] Companies and organizations that have contributed to WebKit

Maciej Stachowiak mjs at apple.com
Sun Nov 9 00:10:42 PST 2008

I'm compiling a Wiki page of companies and organizations that have  
contributed to WebKit, since this turns out to be a matter of  
occasional public interest, and the matter is not always clear. I  
started this Wiki page in hopes of providing a reference, but I  
suspect it is not complete:


Are there any WebKit code contributors who would like their  
contributions credited to a particular company or group, besides the  
ones I listed? So far I mentioned KDE, Apple, Nokia, Google and Torch  
Mobile. I counted Trolltech as part of Nokia for purposes of this  
list; I hope that is the appropriate way to handle things. I am  
specifically looking to list significant contributions that are  
greater in scope than just one or two patches, and I am specifically  
interested in code that is in the mainline public WebKit repository.


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