[webkit-dev] cookies & qtwebkit with qt 4.4.3

Costa Basil costa_basil at yahoo.ca
Thu Nov 6 01:09:34 PST 2008


I posted the following messages on the qt interest mailing list but I didn't get any answer back, so I decided to post this message on this list maybe someone could tell me if there was a problem with certain cookies in the version compiled into qt 4.4.3.

Message 1
I was using the qt demo web browser based on webkit and I came across a 
website that returns a message saying: 'please allow session cookies' when I 
try to log in.

I set the 'Accept Cookies' to Always but I still 
haven't been able to log 

I downloaded the Arora snapshot which is 
based on the qt web browser demo 
and arora works when I set the Accept 
Cookies to Always. Unfortunately the 
arora snapshot has been built with the 
qt 4.5 and I am using qt 4.4.3.

Does anybody know if this is an issue 
with WebKit? Is there anything that I 
can do or I can set to make it work in 
4.4.3? I looked at the api but there 
is nothing about session 

Message 2:
I sniffed the http traffic and I noticed that in firefox I have the 

bm_size=0; bm_list=11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111; 

however, when I use 
the qt browser I have only these cookies that come from 

Set-Cookie: SESSION_SCOPE=1; path=/
III_SESSION_ID=1225959220.16413; domain=<domain>; path=/
PAT_LOGGED_IN=; domain=<domain>; expires=Thu, 1 Jan 1970 
00:00:00 GMT; 

I wonder if the problem is the PAT_LOGGED_ID cookie because of its 
expiration date. Once I log in in mozilla firefox, PAT_LOGGED_ID is set to 
true however that doesn't happen with the qt browser.

Any ideas?

Thank you

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