[webkit-dev] leak

David Kilzer ddkilzer at webkit.org
Tue Nov 4 13:04:39 PST 2008

On Tue, 11/4/08, mario bensi <mbensi at pleyo.com> wrote:

> I seen in Changeset 3810, you force a leak, it's the
> same thing for the cache 
> and others parts in webCore, I would understand why you
> want leak some part of 
> code ?

Do you mean r38104?


This change was made to prevent destructors from being called on shutdown, both to prevent random crashes (since the order in which the destructors are called is non-deterministic) and to make shutdown faster.

They are "leaks" only in the strictest sense of the term since only one instance of them is ever created, and it's held in a static variable.


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