[webkit-dev] Chinese font problems on GTK port

Joshua Chia joshchia at gmail.com
Thu May 29 15:02:24 PDT 2008

With a recent GTK port built on Ubuntu Hardy, I find that GtkLauncher fails
to display Chinese characters correctly for some Chinese pages.  For
example, on www.baidu.com (gb2312), some Chinese characters show up as
squares.  However, if I use font-family in the HTML to switch to a Chinese
font such as 宋体 for the text to be displayed, the characters show up
correctly.  On Firefox, the Chinese characters are displayed correctly
without this tweak.

I'm guessing that for the Chinese text, the browser is failing to switch to
a font that has the Chinese glyphs and continues to use some default font
that doesn't have the necessary glyphs.

Is this a bug?  How can it be fixed?  Is this something about pango
configuration or fontconfig?  Maybe I can somehow set the default font to
one that has the glyphs for most languages?  Assuming I have that font, how
can I change the default?

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