[webkit-dev] Building Webkit

Adam Roben aroben at apple.com
Mon Mar 31 06:59:16 PDT 2008

Khanna Piyush-A21612 wrote:
> An update...
> After setting the WebKitLibrariesDir & WebKitOutputDir environment 
> variables using Control Panel, 
> the C:\cygwin\home\a21612\WebKit\WebKitTools\WinLauncher\WinLauncher.vcproj project 
> opened successfully
> However, that seems to have very few files (i.e. not the entire webkit).

You should instead be building WebKit.sln (located at 

> Also building the same returned error (which again mentions some 
> uninitialized environment variables). Attached is the log output.

The warning about $(PRODUCTION) is expected and should not cause a 
problem. Your build log complains that WebKit.h is missing, but that's 
because you haven't build WebKit yet. To do so, build WebKit.sln as 
mentioned above.


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