[webkit-dev] UTF-16 default mappings in WebKit

Sergey Groznyh Sergey.Groznyh at Sun.COM
Mon Mar 31 06:12:08 PDT 2008


>>>>> "Alexey" == Alexey Proskuryakov <ap at webkit.org> writes:

    Alexey> This is done for compatibility with other browsers (and
    Alexey> thus with actual content existing on the Web).

I guessed that ;).

    Alexey> Sounds like you are using native Java support for text
    Alexey> decoding.  Have you investigated using icu4j? I could turn
    Alexey> out to a better match, given that we use ICU in C++, and
    Alexey> have quite a few tweaks for Web compatibility in
    Alexey> TextCodecICU.

ICU data tables are just too large; from this point of view there is no
difference whether it is in its C or Java incarnation.  Since Java
already contains support for all (well, almost) functions WebKit needs,
we decided at one point to abandon ICU altogether.


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