[webkit-dev] Blank page when using SSL

Mark Rowe mrowe at apple.com
Sun Mar 30 19:12:34 PDT 2008

On 30/03/2008, at 16:56, Bill Patterson wrote:

> I have a webkit based browser, based on MiniBrowser example code,  
> that when displaying a page with SSL comes up empty, just white.   
> Same page without SSL looks fine, and Safari and Shiira display it  
> either with or without SSL no problem.
> It doesn't call any authentication delegates, and there don't appear  
> to be certificate issues.
> No errors are thrown.
> Other SSL pages I've tried work fine in my application.
> The only thing that looks strange about the page is uses a ".do"  
> extension, but that isn't being excluded by any of the code.
> Can anybody give me any idea what might be happening?

Are you sure that the site has a valid SSL certificate?  A few seconds  
of testing in MiniBrowser shows that visiting a page with a valid SSL  
certificate, such as https://www.google.com/, works fine while  
visiting one with an invalid certificate (eg, https://google.com/,  
which is invalid because the certificate is for www.google.com) fails  
to load.  The frame load delegate has a  
webView:didFailProvisionalLoadWithError:forFrame: message dispatched  
to it with the NSError containing a NSURLErrorDomain/ 
NSURLErrorServerCertificateUntrusted.  This is the first thing I'd  
check for in your application.  If this is not what is happening, I  
think you'll need to provide further information about sites which  
demonstrate the problem, and whether the problem can be observed in  
MiniBrowser itself.

Kind regards,

- Mark

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