[webkit-dev] The "thisObject" parameter for JSEvaluateScript

Scott Thompson easco at mac.com
Mon Mar 24 11:40:46 PDT 2008

I'm using JavaScript core to integrate JavaScript as an embedded  
scripting engine in my application.

I've gotten a lot of "stuff" working (which is a lot of fun, BTW).  
I've been able to run scripts and see them manipulate objects in my  
application model (windows and the like... just to see if I could) as  
well as objects in the object model (in the MVC sense) of my problem  

I've added a scripting menu.  I want the scripts that are run through  
that menu to be executed "in the scope" of the frontmost document.  
That is, I would like the a script whose textual content is the word   
"this" to evaluate to the document object of the frontmost document.   
To that end, I'm calling JSEvaluateScript and I'm passing the  
JSObjectRef for my document object as it's third parameter,  

Even when doing so, however, I find that within my scripts the  
variable "this" still refers to the global context and not the  
frontmost document.  For example, I'm able to successfully evaluate  
the script:


(where documents is a property I add to the global context and is  
roughly equivalent to [NSApp orderedDocuments]) I would rather have  
the script:


do the same thing... that is JSEvaluateScript should use the document  
object for "this"

Am I simply misinterpreting the purpose of the "thisObject" parameter  
to JSEvaluateScript?


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