[webkit-dev] A compiling error of JavaScriptCore/kjs/nodes.cpp

世东 罗 luosd04 at yahoo.com.cn
Tue Mar 18 02:28:15 PDT 2008

hi, everyone,
  I encounter a problem when compiling the webkit  WebKit-r31090 in Fedora Core 4, the tools is 
  Qt is :Qt-4.3.4
  g++: 4.0.2
  the error is as follows:
  ../../../JavaScriptCore/kjs/nodes.h:211: error:‘typedef enum KJS::ExpressionNode::CallerType KJS::ExpressionNode::CallerType’ is protected.
  ../../../JavaScriptCore/kjs/nodes.cpp:951: error: in current context
  Has anyone encountered a similiar problem?
  What is the problem?
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