[webkit-dev] FrameLoaderClient notifications

Artem Ananiev Artem.Ananiev at Sun.COM
Thu Mar 13 04:11:06 PDT 2008


I work on dispatching web load/progress events for Java port and have 
some questions about notifications in FrameLoaderClient class.

1. What is the right method to implement to get a 'page load started' 
and 'page load finished' events? I tried the following methods:


and the problem is they don't accept any params, so I can't get an URL 
being loaded. If I obtain the URL from frame->loader->documentLoader, it 
works for 'progress finished' notification, but returns an old URL for 
'progress started'.

2. What is the right method to implement to get a 'main document load 
started'? I see the method


but there is no similar method about starting...

3. As I understand, the right way to handle resources (for example, 
images) loading is to track methods


The latter two methods provide request identifiers which are assigned in 
the former one. However, sometimes I see two 'dispatchWillSendRequest' 
calls with the same ids and different URLs. For example, when loading 
www.google.com I the first URL is www.google.com and the second is 
www.google.co.uk. How is this situation should be handled?

4. There are several notifications about resource loading is finished:


didFinishLoad() - is this a notification?
finishedLoading() - is this a notification?

Some of them provide DocumentLoader instances, others have no parameters 
passed. What is the difference between these methods? Are some of them 
outdated and shouldn't be used at all?



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