[webkit-dev] Windows build error during link

David Kilzer ddkilzer at webkit.org
Thu Mar 6 10:47:54 PST 2008

Have you tried setting the build configuration when running build-webkit?  For

build-webkit --clean --debug


build-webkit --clean --release

See also the set-webkit-configuration script.


Mike McMullen <mike at softsource.com> wrote:

> I have run 'build-webkit --clean' and simply deleted the WebKitBuild
> subdirectory, but still get the link errors posted above.  Is this
> sufficient to remove any lingering failed build information that may be
> influencing my builds now?
> I can only assume the project is building for everyone else so my issue must
> be related to my build environment.  Is there any additional items that need
> to be removed (ie generated/pre-compiled code)?
> -Mike

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