[webkit-dev] Formal Windows build instructions?

Adam Roben aroben at apple.com
Thu Jun 19 07:38:26 PDT 2008

Julian wrote:
> Hi,
> I have been having difficulties building WebKit on Win32. I have  
> followed the instructions from the main website and the two different  
> instructions on Trac however still no success. Is there a formal build  
> environment paper that I am unable to locate?

The build instructions that start at 
<http://webkit.org/building/tools.html> are the official instructions 
for Apple's OS X and Windows ports. The build instructions for other 
ports are scattered throughout the wiki.

> Most likely my problem  
> lies in some dependancies that I am missing because  
> 'CLEARTYPE_QUALITY' is not defined, etc, etc.. At any rate I have only  
> gotten as far as WebCore, WTF and JavaScriptCore building, fails after  
> that.

If you paste the first error message you see, perhaps we can help you 


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