[webkit-dev] Font description + font family = redundancy?

Joshua Chia joshchia at gmail.com
Wed Jun 18 15:04:16 PDT 2008

I'm trying to understand the font-related code in WebCore/platform/graphics.

FontCache::createFontPlatformData() takes two arguments: a FontDescription
and an AtomicString specifying the family.  Since FontDescription already
has family specified in it, why does createFontPlatformData() take the
AtomicString family argument?  What do the two respective family
specifications in the FontDescription and the AtomicString mean for
createFontPlatformData?  Isn't this some kind of redundancy?  I have the
same question about FontCache::getCachedFontPlatformData().

Furthermore, FontCache::createFontPlatformData() calls
FontPlatformData::FontPlatformData(FontDescription, AtomicString), so I have
the same question about FontPlatformData::FontPlatformData().

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