[webkit-dev] JavaScriptCore directory rearrangement proposal

Geoffrey Garen ggaren at apple.com
Mon Jun 16 18:49:09 PDT 2008

> I'm not sure where to put these:
>     ExecState.cpp (runtime or vm?)
>     ExecState.h

I like vm. Mostly, an ExecState represents the state of execution in  
the VM. The runtime relies on the ExecState, but I wouldn't say that  
the ExecState was a component of the runtime.

>     completion.h (only used in interpreter.h)
>     interpreter.cpp (this does not fit well into any of our
> categories - perhaps these should become non-static methods on
> JSGlobalObject)
>     interpreter.h

If this stuff belongs with JSGlobalObject, let's put it in runtime,  
since that's where JSGlobalObject lives.

>     SymbolTable.h (runtime or compiler?)

I like compiler. Same argument as with ExecState.

>     Shell.cpp

How about calling this jsc.cpp, if it's the jsc executable?

>     WebKitAvailability.h

Hmmm... Why is this in JavaScriptCore at all? It's not used there.


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