[webkit-dev] New IDL return type

Michelangelo De Simone m.des at mac.com
Wed Jun 11 14:07:33 PDT 2008

Il giorno 11/giu/08, alle ore 15:50, David Kilzer ha scritto:

> My guess is that DOMHTMLInputElement.mm needs an #import statement  
> to compile without warnings.  Look in WebCore/bindings/scripts/ 
> CodeGeneratorObjC.pm to see how #import statements are included in  
> generated sources, and make the appropriate change (either in the  
> *.idl file or in the Perl module) to get it included.

I've managed to look at all the involved files but I still can't  
figure it out; at this time I'm starting to feel almost stupid indeed.

DOMHTMLInputElement.mm includes the right files (DOMValidityState.h,  
ValidityState.h); looking to similar classes had no effect, everything  
seems to be in perfect order, but one thing: DOMHTMLInputElement.h  
doesn't reflect the "validity" property. DOMHTMLInputElement.mm has  
the -validity(), DOMHTMLInputElement.h does not.
Obviously I've tried to add it manually but it had no effect at all,  
always the same error.

It's as DOMHTMLInputElement couldn't find the right reference to  
DOMValidityState, but looking at it, it should.

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