[webkit-dev] Has anybody ported WebKit to a platform other than Windows or Unix?

Jean-Charles VERDIE (Pleyo) jcverdie at pleyo.com
Tue Jun 3 03:34:32 PDT 2008

Le 2 juin 08 à 10:27, Paul Pedriana a écrit :

> I'm wondering if anybody has successfully ported WebKit to a platform
> other than Windows or Unix. I ask because I am looking into this
> possibility myself. I've looked at Mozilla and WebKit and at first
> leaned towards WebKit, as it seems to be easier to grok. But in  
> looking
> at the WebKit source it seems that there are hundreds of
> platform-specific files and a bit of the source apparently isn't
> available at all (e.g. some stuff from WebKit Support Libraries).  
> Thus I
> am becoming more pessimistic about WebKit than when I started.  
> Mozilla's
> source appears to be more portable and platform independent.
> However, perhaps I am missing something and am not seeing the entire
> picture. If somebody has some experience working with WebKit on a
> platform other than Windows or Unix, perhaps you can enlighten me  
> about
> the realities here.


We had the same concern about Platform and this is why we changed/ 
renamed/moved/refactored Platform and wtf files to create Origyn Web  
Browser and its abstraction layer. It has been ported to AmigaOS to  
become the official AmigaOS4 Browser, and some companies are currently  
working with us on Nucleus, QNX and OS21 and also on top of high-level  
abstracted (proprietary) middlewares.

Join OWB team on freenode IRC, channel #owb

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