[webkit-dev] Leak in plugin management

Kelemen Balázs Kelemen.Balazs.3 at stud.u-szeged.hu
Thu Jul 31 05:23:07 PDT 2008

I find a leak with valgrind when running QtLauncher
and load pages that requires plugins.
It is that the m_module member in WebCore::PluginPackage class is not freed.
I took a look at the code and realized that this member must freed with
a delay through freeLibrarySoon method that is callen from the destructor.
I debuged QtLauncher and discovered that this member is not freed anyway.
The destructor runs many times but the unloadModule function that
should free the member had never been reached. I tested it though load
pages like youtube and "http://szotar.sztaki.hu/index.hu.jhtml" in
QtLauncher when it was run under gdb (these pages require flash, mplayer and
java plugins). Then I load simple html pages and local files but the
member had been still unfreed. I use the Qt port of Webkit under linux.
It is a real leak, or I just misunderstood the logic of plugin management?

Kelemen Balázs

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