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Tau After aftertau at yahoo.com
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Thank you very much for the answer. 
to be more specific:
1, what's the intention of FrameLoader and DocumentLoader (there is also a DocLoader)?
2, I'd like a flow description about how the FrameLoader::load() goes to ResourceRequest methods?  I can't read forward the "checkNavigationPolicy()" and don't know how a ResourceRequest is finally being launched/triggered  :(



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The sequence of FrameLoader and DocumentLoader functions is indeed complicated and overloaded.  This is slowly being improved over time, little by little.  And no, there is no documentation at this time.

I'm not sure of the exact motivation for your question, but you did end on a very specific note so this might be of use.  The question of "how WebKit is invoking the HTTP stack" is much simpler - the ResourceRequest, ResourceHandle, and ResourceResponse classes are all fairly encapsulated and represent HTTP connections.


On Jul 29, 2008, at 12:03 AM, Tau After wrote:

could anybody point me to some introduction/documents about WebCore/loader?  I just want to know the normal flow of  web page loading, and was soonly lost in those many overloaded FrameLoader::load() implementations :(
so where is the code to read if I want to know how Webkit is invoking the HTTP stack ?

Thanks in advence.

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