[webkit-dev] Regarding sqlite3, libxml2 and icuuc libs on Symbian

Tuheen Sinha tuheen at gmail.com
Tue Jul 29 07:03:59 PDT 2008

          I am trying to port WebKit to Symbian platform. In order to link
my code, I used the sqlite3, libxml2 and icuuc libs that get added when one
runs the "update-webkit" script. I was able to compile and link my code,
however when I run my application, it does not run since sqlite3 library is
not for Symbian.

         I found one sql library for Symbian from another opensource
community and I am now trying to change the code present in
"\WebKit\WebCore\platform\sql" to use the Symbian sql library that I have.
Alternatively, I can try to disable the ENABLE_DATABASE in my code.

         I have following queries for the forum, assuming some of you may
have have already experienced the problems faced by me:-

1. If someone is writing a brand new port for WebKit, should he first ensure
that he is able to get all these libs for his platform? Is there any other
way out?

2. Is there any information on what features these macros (e.g.

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