[webkit-dev] WebView Background Color in WebKit Control

Bruce Cresanta bruce at cresanta.com
Sat Jul 19 07:13:38 PDT 2008


	I am writing an application using WebView that uses the [[WebView  
mainFrame] loadRequest:<req>] method.   The problem is that my  
background is dark and the view flashes the color White upon adding it  
as a subview of a view.    I've been working with the source code for  
about 12 hours trying to concentrate on drawRect in the WebKit  
hierarchy of files (WebView.mm mainly), and I cannot seem to find a  
solution to the problem.    My question is twofold:

1)  I have added WebKit as a framework from the build directory of the  
nightly build.   How do I make sure my program is using it?
2)  Does anyone have experience with this color issue?

Thank you,


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