[webkit-dev] Questions about WebKit Platform/Toolkit abstraction layer

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Thu Jul 17 09:26:24 PDT 2008


I am a beginner of WebKit, and I've tried to find the documents about
WebKit's Platform/Toolkit abstraction layer(API), but i found nothing.
What i mean is that like Qt port of WebKit, i think the architecture as

Qt API: like QWebPage, QWebFrame, QWebSetting, etc.
====== Platform abstraction layer ======
WebKit - WebCore - JavaScript Core
====== Toolkit abstraction layer ======
Qt core module

I would like to ask, where can I find WebKit Platform/Toolkit abstraction
layer of relevant information?
Or I just can find what I need by tracing the WebKit source code?

What I have to do is to port WebKit onto a proprietry embedded platform
So that I have to find document about "abstraction layer", just like APIs
supported by "pure WebKit"
Why I say "pure WebKit" because in WebKit's source code, I saw the Mac port,
Qt port, Gtk port, but I didn't know where to begin using WebKit...
(Or not so-called "pure WebKit"?)

If there are WebKit porting example, or any relevant information, that's
also helpful to me!

If there is something incorrect, please let me know.

Best Regards
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