[webkit-dev] webkit s60 build errors

Jack Wootton jackwootton at gmail.com
Wed Jul 16 07:37:00 PDT 2008


Wondering if someone can help with build errors on webkit-s60:

I checkout the latest version of webkit s60 using the following command:

svn checkout svn://anonsvn.opensource.apple.com/svn/webkit/S60/trunk S60

I receive the following confirmation: Checked out revision 25254.

Following these instructions

I edit build.bat, however, step 1) seems unnecessary, since this line

$cbdhome = "$ENV{ProgramFiles}\\Nokia\\Carbide.c++ v1.2" unless -d $cbdhome;

doesn't exist, instead build.bat contains this line

$cbdhome = "$ENV{ProgramFiles}\\Carbide" unless -d $cbdhome;

Then onto step 2), I comment out the line


Step 3) doesn't actually seem to require any editing.

I then run build, and get the message after running build:

'Scanning build output for errors: 4 found'

Looking through build.log, I searched for the word 'error' and found
the following lines:

Line 962: make[1]: *** No rule to make target
`\S60\WidgetEngineBridge.h', needed by
Line 963: make: *** [LIBRARYBROWSERCORE] Error 2

Line 1460: make -s  -C \S60\WEBKIT\group -fmake[1]: *** No rule to
make target `\S60\WidgetEngineBridge.h', needed by
Line 1461: make: *** [TARGETBROWSERCORE] Error 2

Why can I only find 'Error 2' twice?
How can I track down the 4 errors being reported after building?
Can anyone help with the removal of these errors?


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