[webkit-dev] Text input doesn't work probably in Gtk+/DirectFB port of WebKit

Song Yuan i.am.not.jackie.chan at gmail.com
Mon Jul 14 07:50:25 PDT 2008

Input element with text type ('<input type="text" />') in Gtk+/DirectFB
("--with-target=directfb") port of WebKit doesn't really work in the
following ways:
1). No input can be made;
2). Cannot receive any key events;
3). No initial value can be displayed (i.e. in '<input type="text"
value="initial value" />', "initial value" is not displayed when the web
page is rendered);
4). Value cannot be scripted by JavaScript either (i.e. in '<input
type="text" id="TestTxt" />', 'document.getElementById("TestTxt").value =
"some value";' would not change anything).

Textarea element works fine and so do the other HTML elements so far. By the
way, Gtk+/X11 port works fine as well.

The same symptoms can be confirmed in at least webkit-r34342 and

Have anyone else had the same problem?

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