[webkit-dev] Strange relation between script loading and call stack size

Fabian Jakobs fabian.jakobs at 1und1.de
Wed Jul 9 07:16:42 PDT 2008


I have a very strange problem with Safari 3.1.2 and WebKit nightly. We
use a loader script, which inserts script tags dynamically into the
header. Now I observe the strange behavior that doing so seems to limit
the available call stack size. We load many scripts (> 300) in a loop
this way and run into an call stack size exceeded error.

I have reduced the problem to the attached HTML, where you can see the
effect. Still I have problems interpreting the results. Safari 3.1.2
shows me a decrease of the available call stack size, while it does not
really work in the Nightly. What is happening inside of Safari there?

Once webkit.org is up again I'll file it as a bug as well.

Best Fabian

Fabian Jakobs
JavaScript Framework Developer

1&1 Internet AG
Brauerstraße 48
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Gottschlich, Matthias Greve, Robert Hoffmann, Markus Huhn, Oliver Mauss,
Achim Weiss
Aufsichtsratsvorsitzender: Michael Scheeren

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