[webkit-dev] how to build arora with latest qtwebkit

Ye Xu ye.xu.hdm at gmail.com
Tue Jul 8 02:48:22 PDT 2008

hi all,

sorry, this question may unrelated with webkit dev,
and I had asked a similar question on arora's google group,
but no body answer me. so I will try to ask it here.

at the following page,
there is one short description at the bottom to tell us how to build
arora with the latest webkit trunk. but I just can't get the idea

$ export QT_WEBKIT=webkit_trunk
$ export WEBKITHOME=/path/to/webkit

what the WEBKITHOME constant should be, can somebody give me an example
path, where I shall point it to, maybe the webkit lib path like /usr/
lib/ or something else ?
and for constant QT_WEBKIT I shall simply point it to the webkit
trunk/tarball source
path, like /home/username/webkit-tarball/compilewebkithere,
if I had compiled webkit at that path, right?

ps, system spec
xubuntu 8.06. amd64

thx and regards

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