[webkit-dev] Removing ICU dependancy from WebKit?

Rachel Bassett rachel.bassett at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Jan 24 09:18:26 PST 2008

Dear all,

I'm currently trying to cross compile WebKit (Linux PC
-> MIPS) using the DirectFB, cairo, pango etc, GTK+,
WebKit combination. I've successfully built the stack
up to GTK+ with the GTK+ demo app running ok. However
when I try to build up WebKit, it needs ICU. But the
ICU component is not cross compilable (according to
their forum, although some other blogs imply they have
succeeded but don't say how). I could struggle with
that route however I read on the wiki page
that the dependency on ICU could be removed from

Any hints or tips on this, gratefully received.

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