[webkit-dev] Qtlauncher only showing blank page

Gerry Boland gerboland at gmail.com
Mon Jan 21 11:44:51 PST 2008

Dear Thorben,
good suggestions! Creating an index.html file in my home directory rendered
perfectly. And yes, entering an URL and waiting for about 2 minutes, and all
of a sudden it is working quite well!

>From experimentation, it seems that entering a URL in the address bar causes
it to pause. What is most distracting is the fact that the location bar's
url reverts to that of the current page, even while the new page is pending.
There is no progress bar either, so it appears like the new URL was ignored.
But it does appear, eventually.

Following links within a displayed page works quite well. I'm guessing
methods remain to be added, by the amount of FIXME messages appearing while
in use.
Thanks for the reassurance, it is good to see it's working.

On 21/01/2008, Thorben Kröger <thorbenk at gmx.net> wrote:
> On Monday 21 January 2008 16:00:32 Gerry Boland wrote:
> > Dear all,
> > I realise this is may be a common question, but I can't seem to fix
> this,
> > so I need a little advice. I'm building Webkit nightly (build r29683)
> for
> > Qt 4.3.2 on linux, and after a little tweaking it has built
> successfully.
> > Running Qtlauncher gives me a basic browser window, but when I try to
> enter
> > a URL, it still shows a blank screen. Messages are:**
> Does QtLauncher show anything if you try to load a local file via
> file:///path/dir/somefile.html ?
> I've problems with very long load times of remote websites (see my earlier
> Mail to webkit-dev). Is there still no page when you wait 10min for it to
> appear?
> Thorben
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