[webkit-dev] Runtime JSObject

ankush tiwari ankushtiwarimot at gmail.com
Fri Jan 18 04:55:42 PST 2008

Hi All,

We are creating a run time JSObject "myImplementation" by using the NPN
framework (C binding) available in webkit. Currently we are facing a problem
that our object is not getting recognized when we navigate to a new page.

(Note: Our object is not released, its just not getting recognized in the
new page's interpreter context)

We want to retain our object till the time the interpreter is valid but we
are not able to do so. We observed that for every script handler a context
is created and if we put our code in KJSProxy::evaluate and insert our
object every time its working fine.

But this way we are creating too many unnecessary instances of our object.

Can someone suggest a better way for retaining the object throughout the
interpreters life cycle?

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